Tribes & Treks Tour at San Felipe, Zambales by MAD Travel and The Circle Hostel
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Tribes & Treks A: Php 2,900
Yangil Day Tour + 2 Nights at Circle Hostel

Tribes & Treks B: Php 2,350
Yangil Day Tour + 1 Night at Circle Hostel

Tribes and Treks C: Php 1,800
Yangil Day Tour Only

All packages include activities in the itinerary, lunch, snacks, and dinner during the Yangil Day Tour.

** For May 12, only hammocks are available. You may check other hotels/hostels in Liwliwa for accommodation :) Let us know if you need help!

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For now, we don't offer transportation but you can choose to commute via bus with our tour guide who usually leaves on Friday night from Cubao! Just let us know if you want to join them :)

You may also check this page for directions to the meetup place:
Yay! Thank you for going MAD with us! We'll send you  a confirmation email with the payment details. See you soon! <3

If you don't receive a confirmation email within the next 48 hours, please contact us at

On holidays, we recommend that you seal your spot early so we can reserve accommodations at our partner hostels & hotels for you :)
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