Tribes & Treks Tour at San Felipe, Zambales by MAD Travel and The Circle Hostel
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Limited to 20 slots per tour! Slots for other dates open 2 weeks before the schedule!

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Discounted packages are available for groups with at least 10 people!
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Tribes & Treks A: Php 2,900
Yangil Day Tour + 2 Nights at Circle Hostel

Tribes & Treks B: Php 2,350
Yangil Day Tour + 1 Night at Circle Hostel

Tribes and Treks C: Php 1,800
Yangil Day Tour Only

All packages include activities in the itinerary, lunch, snacks, and dinner during the Yangil Day Tour.

* Updated prices based on new peak rates of Circle Hostel: Php 550/night/person

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